Hall Charges

Facilities - hired per hour


(10 times/year)

Designated Parties with music, food and/or entertainment (Birthdays, Weddings)
- not Childrens' Parties

Main Hall and Kitchen




Small Hall and Kitchen




Committee Room




All Rooms




Cupboard Per Year




Children's Parties
  • These are at Standard Rate, not Designated Party Rate, provided: The hire finishes by 6pm
Clean and Clear Policy
  • Please note that we operate a "Clean and Clear" policy.
  • We give you a clean and clear hall, and we need it back in the same state, ready for the next hirer.
  • This means that you need to:
    Build in some time at the start of the hire period to set up the hall as you want it: and
    Build in some time at the end of the hire period to restore the hall to its original state.

Wedding Receptions and Special Events

  • Setting up and clearing away are part of the hire period and are normally charged at the appropriate rate for the hire.
  • For your wedding reception or other special event, setting up the hall can take a long time and the you may then want to leave the hall empty for some hours before the party starts.
  • For the setting up, and leaving the room empty, we may charge a lower price. This will reflect the gentler impact of this time, but also our anticipated loss of income by not having the room available for other hires.

    Each case is different. Please contact the Booking Secretary to discuss your event.